Stop acne facial peeling treatment

Make acne breakouts a part of your past!

If you suffer with constant acne break outs, has visible scaring and pigmentation. If you are trying to fade the effects of dark spots on the face or body, uneven skin tone, repair sun damage, and trying to treat the inflammation that occurs with acne; This treatment is perfect for you!

The treatment uses a special formulation combination that gently adheres to the skin in order to peel away dead and dying skin cells so that new cell growth is revealed and so that new skin cells grow faster. The treatment is painless and very tolerated by the skin.

After six treatments, The treatment will leave your skin clear, smooth, destroying the acne bacteria and fading away dark spots and scars, reducing the inflammation caused by acne.

What to Expect

When you arrive we will have a thorough consultation followed by your facial. Then, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, the skin care professional will prepare your skin before the application of the peel. Depending on the skin care issue and your skin type, the peel will be left on your skin anywhere from five to ten minutes before it is removed. You may feel a warming sensation on your skin or you may feel nothing at all, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, but when the skin care professional removes the peel, you may notice that your skin looks pinker than usual. This is a normal reaction, as the treatment has removed dead and dying skin cells from the surface of your skin that soap, water, and other cleansers cannot.

After a few days your acne symptoms may temporarily increase as the inflammation begins to subside and the skin heals. This usually happens because the exfoliating properties of the peel exposes acne that’s brewing underneath a layer of dead cells, which may briefly erupt before the antibacterial effects of the peel take effect. If you have concerns about any of the side effects you may experience after your mandelic acid peel, consult your the skin care professional who performed the peel.

Cancellation policy

Appointment: Free cancellation up to 48 hours before appointment/stay.

eVoucher: Free cancellation before redemption.



If you are planning to become Pregnant or anyone with previous history of skin cancer are not recommended to have skin peels.

If you take any acne medicine, you will have to stop any oral or topic use for the length you been taking the given medicine, if you take a medicine for 1 month, you will have to wait one month to have the treatment done.

We supply a range of skin care products that will help to prepare, heal and protect your skin. The skin care has been formulated to provide the best results.


Side Effects

While there is little to no down time needed, you may notice mild stinging, itching, peeling, and flaking of the skin, particularly if you suffer from inflamed acne. However, these side effects are mild and only last two to three days. Not everyone will experience these side effects and their severity may be increased in those with sensitive skin.

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